About VoteSafeTN


Who are we

We are a grassroots group of Tennessee citizens who are working to ensure that all elections are transparent and verifiable.

  • We have no financial stake in decisions regarding voting machine technology.
  • We are not being paid for our efforts.
  • We are doing this on our own time.
  • We stand to gain nothing except a fair and verifiable election process in Tennessee, the most important prize of all.

What We Believe

All elections should be conducted using paper ballot voting systems that ensure the highest ethical standards, full enfranchisement, and independent verification, while using only secure electronic voting equipment.

What We want

  • Every vote cast must be a paper ballot that has been marked and verified as accurate by the voter. This ballot is the ballot of record.
  • Mandatory recounts of a sample of ballots after every election to check for problems and verify results.

What Action Is needed

  • The Tennessee Legislature should pass a law as soon as possible requiring voter verifiable paper ballots. Call and write your state legislators telling them we need this law. Time is running out to implement any new election legislation before this most critical 2008 election.